Acupuncture has been used safely for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of complaints. In recent years it has been used successfully to assist couples undertaking fertility treatment.

Acupuncture treatment is tailored to an individual. A course of treatment can be applied to help many symptoms including regulation of the menstrual cycle or to assist with fertility. Scientific trials have shown much higher pregnancy rates when acupuncture has been used in conjunction with assisted conception cycles (IVF and ICSI) (Paulus 2002, Cridenda and Magarelli 2005, Steiner and Victoria 1996-2006).

Undertaking an assisted fertility treatment can be stressful. Acupuncture treatments can be very helpful in reducing stress levels and improving a sense of well being.

At a first appointment  a practitioner will spend time gathering information about an individuals health history, diet, exercise and lifestyle.  Treatments can be applied to simply help with relaxation or to improve overall health.

Recommendation on diet, supplements, exercise and lifestyle all form part of the treatment.

Cheshire Fertility and Gynaecology are happy to recommend certified and accredited acupuncturists working in Cheshire and the Stoke areas.



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