Consultation Fees
New gynaecology consultation £220.00
Follow-up gynaecology consultation £170.00
New fertility consultation £220.00
Follow-up fertility consultation £170.00
Ovarian reserve testing including AFC scan £425.00
Harmony (NIPT) Blood test including scan £475.00
Ultrasound Scan Investigations Fees
Pelvic ultrasound scan (routine gynaecology) £200.00
Pelvic ultrasound scan (emergency/out of hours) £325.00
Pelvic ultrasound + Doppler studies £250.00
Sonohysterography with saline infusion £350.00
HyCoSy (pelvic scan + tubal patency test) £450.00
Reassurance scan early pregnancy £150.00
Ovulation monitoring /Clomifene scan £300.00
Fees for surgical procedures for patients with private medical insurance are invoiced inline with most insurance company guidelines. For complex procedures, a higher fee may be charged.
For patients who do not have insurance, a fixed cost quotation can be arranged. Please contact the clinic for more information.
It is each patient’s responsibility to settle all invoices in full where insurance companies fail to pay or where excess fees apply to policies. Administration fees may be added if payments are not paid promptly and debt collection services are required.